Monday, January 30, 2012

Princess Kloey Turns One

Baby TV Playmat Cake (Customised 3D Cake)
Customer : Ms Claudine Chan (Melbourne, Aust)

This was truly a challenging experience for me.  Ms Claudine gave me a sketch  on her dream cake for her  princess Kloey's first birthday celebration in Ipoh, Perak. It involved lots of co ordination with her and I promised to do my best.  All the figurines are hand made, from the babytv characters, the train  and the pull cart with her daughter's favourite characters. Lots of preparation especially moulding all the characters. Finally the day came to put everything together and I should say Ms Claudine herself must have spent plenty of time planning and sketching out wht she actually wanted.

I must thank her for the opportunity given to me.I had so much fun doing this cake.
A close look on the playmat, each piece is textured, cut and joined to form this mat.

James train in action  with it's pull cart.


  1. hey there, you are making me.... "salivating"... and I cannot afford that leh.
    All your cakes are soooooo yummmmy and put mine to shame +++++ Malu to even post any of them.

    Keep the good work although only for my eyes to see but cannot not eat.

    mae :)